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Version 1.0
Last updated June 18, 2001
The information here is not associated with nor endorsed by Security Focus. The questions and answers are provided as a service to the mailing list community. Use at your own risk.

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Table Of Contents:

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  1. General Questions
    1. What should I know or read before asking a question on this list ?
    2. I want to get into the security field what should I do ?
    3. What other FAQs should I read ?
    4. What books should I read ?
    5. What Web sites should I visit ?
    6. What security trade shows are available ?
    7. Is the term hacker, cracker or slacker ?
    8. What other Security mailing lists are out there?
    9. How do I unsubscribe from the Security Focus IDS list?
    10. Where are the archives for the Security Focus IDS list?
    11. Who contributes to this list ?
    12. What do I do if I have a question that isn't answered here?
  2. Questions About Computer Security
    1. What is Computer Security?
    2. What do you mean by Risk Management?
    3. Is one OS more secure than another?
    4. Every once in a while I see words with odd spellings or numbers used as words (31173 [email protected]) in web pages or emails. What is this and how do I read it?
    5. How do I check for security vulnerabilities in a way that is legal and keeps me from being fired?
    6. How do I report an attack?
    7. Should I reverse attack the IP attacking me?
    8. Where do I go to find info about the IP?
  3. Questions Specific to Intrusion Detection and this list
    1. What is Intrusion Detection?
    2. What is the difference between Host based (HIDS) and Network based IDS(NIDS)?
    3. Who is Stephen Entwisle and why does he send a newsletter every week?
    4. Who are the 31173 on this list?
    5. I see snippets of output like:
    6. I always see Snort being mentioned. Is it the most popular NIDS?
    7. What tools can be used for building packets?
    8. What are some personal IDS/firewalls?
    9. Where can I find a list of Inrusion Detection Systems?
    10. How can I test my IDS?
    11. What is a false positive?
    12. What is a false negative?
    13. Why do discussions on Intrusion Detection seem to have a bias towards Linux / UNIX ?